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More for less please.

It is said that the state of the building industry is a precursor to the overall economy. This has been true for times past and probably the main reason why millions of dollars are being channeled into government housing at present. This spells good times ahead, but for only a select few. While the government is spending big on new development, it seems that these funds are going to major firms capable of handling higher volumes at lower rates. So how, as a builder, can you secure your share of this big pie?

With everyone's eye on the dollar, the key to success in this market is offering 'efficiency' and 'value' to your clients and this is where we can help.


Modspec is a family run business that offers a range of prefabricated wet areas for domestic housing. These areas (Wetboxes) include kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms and laundries. They offer builders and renovators the ability to build quickly while lowering the cost of construction for their clients. They are also available in premium finishes and look and feel exactly as if they had been fitted out on site so they won't compromise the overall look of a project.

That's great news for your client, but I'm guessing you want some benefits of your own.

So what's in it for me?

We offer you the 'Easy Over' benefit.

'Easy', because when a Wetbox is specified on a project, it comes with a complete set of documentation and structural comps which save you time when drafting your own plans. They are also delivered completely finished, plumbed and wired to a single service point (water, sewer and electricity). So just think of how many subcontractors that you no longer have to organise, manage and bring back to repair faulty or unfinished works... a little something your profit margin should have no problems adjusting to.

Easy 'Over', because a huge reduction in management of your projects means freed time to manage more projects. Did you know that a Wetbox offers clients an instant renovation solution that actually increases the floor area of the dwelling? With current trends indicating that renovations are on the rise, there has never been a better time to renovate with a Wetbox.

For peace of mind, we also offer a manufacturing guarantee on all Wetboxes for the life of your builder's warranty, so there's no more worries about callbacks.

There are a number of other benefits outlined in our brochures which are ready for downloading. Why not follow a link and take a look or contact one of our Reps to organise a demonstration.


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