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More for less please.

As the economy boomed, so did the cost of developments. Despite what many people thought, this was not due to higher profit margins directly fed into developers pockets, but rather the ever-increasing costs of labour, material and management associated with the projects.

Passing through the boom, buyers seemed to be quite tollerent of these price rises which contibuted to what experts belive is now a 20-30% over inflated property market. Enter downward economic pressure and a rising percentage of unemployment and the situation becomes a case of 'buyers beware'. It is no wonder why so many developers have placed their projects on hold until the economy picks up again, if at all.

Despite all the doom and gloom, we are still faced with a housing shortage. The main difference being that the majority of buyers are shopping for a bargain. With everyone's eye on the dollar, the key to success in this market is offering 'value' to your clients and this is where we can help.


Modspec is a family run business that offers a range of prefabricated wet areas for domestic housing. These areas [Wetboxes] include kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms and laundries. They were ultimately designed for developers; offering the ability to build quickly while lowering the cost of construction for their clients. Contrary to the world of typical prefabrication, they are available in premium finishes and look and feel exactly as if they had been fitted out on site.

They were also designed as individual modular components, much like a truss, to avoid limiting designers and architects to boxy prefabricated looking shapes. So you can rest assured that they won't compromise the overall look of your project.

Why use the Wetbox?

We offer you the 'Panadol Rapid' effect... Less pain, quicker turnover.

When a Wetbox is specified on a project, it comes with a complete set of its own documentation and structural comps. This can cut both the time and cost of the overall documnetation process, depending on your architect. They are also delivered completely finished, plumbed and wired to a single service point (water, sewer and electricity). So just think of how many subcontractors no longer have to be organised, managed and brought back to repair faulty or unfinished works.

The Wetbox is ordered at permit stage and delivered at framing stage which means completion can be reached in half the time of traditional systems. This is a dramatic reduction in holding costs and offers you the ability to take on more projects. Something your profit margins shouldn't baulk at.

For peace of mind, we also offer a manufacturing and quality guarantee on all Wetboxes for the life of your builder's warranty, so there's no more worries about callbacks.

Depending on a developments size, we can create custom modules and specifications to better suit your individual project.

There are a number of other benefits outlined in our brochures which are ready for downloading. Why not follow a link and take a look or contact one of our Reps to organise a demonstration.


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